Flying Toasters 
Round Dance Club

About us

1995 the Flying Toasters RDC was founded by 7 dancers in Kelkheim-Ruppertshain.  

Ruppertshain located in the Taunus, a city with a wonderful view over Frankfurt and into the Main River valley. At that time we danced every Thursday in the sportshall of the Elementary School. 

As the club grew, decision has been made to move to a bigger dance hall.. We found our home in the Bürgerhaus in Fischbach and changed the Clubnight to Wednesday. 

Now we're about 20 dancers and Jetta K. Junk is cueing has been leading the club since its beginning with enthusiasm and remarkable experience. So in 2017 she celebrated her 35th cueing anniversary with the members of the Club and guests.

In 2002 the club members had the idea to offer a Special Dance Event. The Dance "Have a Toast" was born. These successfull Special Dances, with growing numbers of fans, were held in the Schönwiesenhalle in Kelkheim-Ruppertshain. 

Due to the mass of Special dances, we decided to offer a dance in conjunction with the Beaux & Belles SDC, the "Schneeflöckchen dance” and the Autumn Jubilee in the Stadthalle Kelkheim.

For about 2 years we were sponsoring a Children Square Dance group “The Dancing Bears", but now they are grown up.

You're a round dancer? Come and join us. We offer workshops on regulary basis. If you're interessted in learning Round Dance, you are heartly welcome to join us as well. Classes for beginners are held regularly. Round Dancing is not difficult, but a lot of fun.